PE Composite Timber

PE Composite Timber – Entry

Our polyethylene, or PE, Classic Composite timber decking is suitable for both external and internal use, providing you with a firm decking experience.

The PE Classic Composite timber decking is not only highly durable and functional, it also requires very low maintenance and is easy to manage and moreover, is also environmentally friendly.

With exquisitely detailed surface design and finishing, our PE Class Composite timber decking comes in an exciting range of colours for you to choose from, allowing you to select a decking that fits your needs perfectly.

PE CX Composite Timber – Basic

With an intricate design of wood-like grains, create the illusion of real wood, our PE CX Composite timber decking has the same durable properties as the PE Classic Composite timber decking.

Not only is our PE CX Composite timber decking aesthetically appealing but also sustainable, reliable and affordable, you are assured the highest quality and durability.