PP Composite Timber

PP Composite timber – Enhanced

Our Polypropylene (PP) Composite timber decking is made of Polypropylene and wood fibre. PP Stands for polypropylene, which is chemically similar to polyethylene (PE) but is made from the monomer propylene (CH₃CH=CH₂).
Although it is prepared from fewer reactions than PE, but it is much tougher and stronger than PE, and thus many consumer goods are made from PP for this reason.

Our PP Composite timber decking is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, which makes it suitable for both external and internal decking. Not only does the decking have textures that feel just like wood, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

The PP Composite timber decking also has superior anti-slip properties, making it safe and functional for everyone.

PP CX Composite Timber – Superior

With the same properties as the PP Composite timber decking, what makes the PP CX Composite timber decking stand out is that it is stain-proof, fade-proof as well as mould-resistant.

With these properties, maintaining the timber decking is hassle-free and ensures that the deck will last for a long time to come.Rolex replica watches