Our products are very durable, as they are resistant to fire, insects, and even the most adverse of environments. Furthermore, Polydeck® Composite Timber Decking Products require low maintenance, saving you from conventional wood defects in the long run such as cracks, checks, splinters and termites. This is proven from the long case histories we have in the region since 2007 on going projects.

Moreover, Polydeck® Composite Timber Decking Products are also environmentally friendly, and has been awarded the Singapore Green Label which means by purchasing the product from us, you are also doing your part in conserving the environment.

With up to 5 years of limited product warranty for Polydeck® Composite Timber Decking  products, you can feel rest assured that our products are of superior quality and most importantly, are non-toxic.

Getting a Polydeck® Composite Timber Decking Timber product is a breeze – just choose the product you want and we will handle the rest for you. From the measurement, milling, sawing, installation, all the way up to the finishing, we provide you with a hassle-free experience.