Although Wood may often be preferred, there are many drawbacks to using wood. Wood is susceptible to cracks, bends, checks, and splinters, and irregular colour fade. Moreover, using wood requires a high cost to maintain as varnishing and other processes are needed to make sure that the lifespan of the wood is prolonged. Wood also absorbs more moisture and thus, is more prone to rotting, mould, and mildew.

Polydeck® composite products are environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of timber logged and lasts indefinitely. Made with beautiful craftsmanship, Polydeck® products look and feel just like wood, assuring you an aesthetically appealing landscape.

Polydeck® products are also resistant to fire, insects, weathering conditions, and any other decaying elements, making it extremely functional.

Polydeck® saves the hassle of maintenance.

Polydeck® is non slip in both wet and dry conditions.

Polydeck® does not emit or leak toxic chemicals over time.

Polydeck® does not splinters.

Polydeck® does not need regular varnishing or painting.

Polydeck® will last longer than standard timber deck.

These qualities make Polydeck® an ideal timber deck replacement