Replica Breitling Chronography

This quick observation of flight parameters by simply looking at the orientation of the displayed values ??is the key to flight safety and flight plan compliance. and this allows him to proudly display the mythical wings of AOPA glory from birth: the famous and influential American association of pilots and aircraft owners, the beginning of a legend.

With the 806, replica Breitling was so successful that the stock of the Venus 178 was not enough, and it took several months to get the precious slot to make this new sesame with gold. To get wings. To remedy this deficiency, in 1954 it was decided to use the Valjoux 72 movement, as in the equally famous Rolex Daytona Cosmograph, in order to satisfy the still important demand. This series, highly praised by enthusiasts, will prove to be one of the watchmaking bestsellers of the mid-1950s and, due to its limited production, remains one of the most important acquisition targets for any collector.

True to its origins and deeply rooted in the popularity of the Navitimer, Breitling fake will continue to establish itself as the official supplier of global aviation in the coming years, and since then it has been commonplace to find a replica watch or instrument in the cockpit of a Boeing 707 or else. made of cardboard, signed by the brand. A celebrity worn by many military pilots, such as the famed Marine and Test Pilot Scott Carpenter, who was also selected by NASA for the Mercury Orbiting Space Flight Program.

Weight Chronography

Several hours gave their name to the conquest of space. The first were the Soviet Shturmanskie, which Yuri Gagarin wore during the first human orbital flight on April 12, 1961. If the first Swiss luxury replica ladies watches to go into space is the Heuer (number 2915A for connoisseurs), astronaut John Glenn aboard the Friendship 7 capsule on February 20, 1962, the first wrist chronograph to go into space. there will be a 24-hour knock off Breitling Navitimer.

This was the election of Scott Carpenter, who directed the Aurora 7 space mission on May 24, 1962. Returning to Earth after three orbits, the astronaut stated that his 24-hour clock allows him to distinguish between day and night information that was important to his flight. Since then, this model, nicknamed "Navitimer Cosmonaute", like the new edition it received in 2012 with the in-house replica Breitling B02 movement, has become very popular among collectors.

Select "Q"

The first fake watch to be fitted with a device designed by Q, the ingenious inventor of special equipment for MI6, was the replica Breitling Top Time. In the Bahamas, during Operation Thunder, Agent 007 will be able to use this Geiger-equipped replica watch while diving underwater to locate radiation from rockets stolen by NATO villain Emilio Largo, agent of SPECTER.

In the same film, Commander Fran?ois Derval, a Vulcain bomber pilot, wears a Navitimer. If James Bond was equipped with a Rolex Submariner at the time in films, as opposed to the elegant Girard Perregaux, Rolex 1016 Explorer or Breguets that Ian Fleming described in his novels, then it was Seiko and Omega afterwards. the sporty and imposing look of Top Time in the 47mm version, which will attract the attention of those in charge of special effects.

A long-lost replica watch that reappeared at Christie's in London in 2013. The seller accidentally found him in the second-hand market and paid only twenty pounds. It took a James Bond fan 104,000 (almost 122,000 at the time) to add him to his collection. Today, fans of these quintessential 1960s pieces are enthusiastic about the reprint and resurrection policy of brand head Georges Kern.

The dial against a black background provides optimal contrast by highlighting the tritium covering the hour digits and allowing the numerals on the outer ruler dial to be set to white (calibrated to RPM). Opposite the central inner disk, expressed in kilometers, the inner circle, which corresponds to the mph scale, allows the node to use the instantaneous double chronograph readout in two aircraft speed units. A real pre-hour calculator, worn on the wrist and putting the replica watches of other pilots of the time into the category of scores ... Success is evident. Navitimer has stood the test of compliance brilliantly. and immediately finds its place in all cabins in the world.

New Complete Collections

In February 2018, Breitling fake announced the new Navitimer 8 collection. We dedicated an entire article to it (Navitimer 8: a new collection or a replica Breitling revolution?).

In October 2018, replica Breitling launched a second new Premier collection inspired by a 1940s model (see our New Collection between heritage and avant-garde article for details).

What do you need to keep in mind about these two new collections? First, it should be noted that Georges Kern is a man in a hurry: two new collections in less than a year for a prestigious replica watch house that has not seen real new products for several years.

Breitling Universes

The professional collection is separate and covers 3 universes. All collections will be revisited by the end of 2019, with Chronomat returning in 2020.

In addition to the models in the catalog, Breitling fake also develops limited edition models, which are usually associated with partners, and capsules. The capsules are time-limited models dedicated to a specific replica Breitling story. We will see three capsules related to airlines.

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