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Minutes Per Hour: The time spent on departures or arrivals in the zone control area with individual signs per minute increases every five minutes, which is more or less consistent with the frequency of discussions with air traffic controllers in these zones.

And finally, the 12-hour counter, which allows us to determine the time taken for half an hour, allows the pilot or navigator to easily control elements and parameters such as the time spent in flight since take-off, available fuel, remaining Time until the next turning point ...

Minutes Per Hour: The time taken to depart or arrive in the zone control zone with separate indexes per minute increases every five minutes, which is close or far from the frequency of messages from '' discussions with air traffic controllers in these zones.

And finally, the 12-hour hour counter, with which we can determine the time spent for half an hour, allows the pilot or navigator to easily control such elements and parameters as the time spent in flight since take-off, the available fuel supply, the remaining Time to next turning point.

All of this is surrounded by a circular logic ruler on a corrugated rotating bezel for ˇ°hands on controlsˇ± use, which converts ˇ°miles per hour or miles per hourˇ± speed parameters from cockpit dials to compare with flight plan parameters calculated on the ground and any displacement is measured.

Navitimer: Star Clock

In 1952, best Breitling replica watches developed the Navitimer with the aim of offering pilots a wrist instrument. Its name is a simple abbreviation for "navigation" and "timer". Evolution of the Chronomat, 1942 replica watch with a circular calculation rule. Navitimer can solve all operations related to flight navigation without tools like consumption, flight rise time.

The first model (Ref. 806) was equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement in the Venus 178 caliber, the production of which was outsourced. The limited edition 806, introduced in 1954, was also powered by the Valjoux 72. In the early 1960s, it was the Valjoux 7740 that was equipped with date complications and automated production. In 1969, the Navitimer was equipped with the first automatic chronograph, caliber 11. Something to seduce demanding pilots. In France, the popularity of this replica watch rose sharply in the 80s of the last century on the wrist of Serge Gainsbourg.

In early 1985, when Serge Gainsbourg walked into the Monsieur Milliaud boutique on Rue Royale, he was wearing one of his favorites: a Cartier jersey. The novel is going badly: the artist is angry because the watch replica sold to his wife does not work. Mister Millau decides the question. The rest of the conversation will be more pleasant. Serge Gainsbourg takes great pride in his thin and discreet fake watch, but explains that he suffers from very sour sweat and often has to change bracelets. Then Mr. Millio invites him to show his measurement with a large clock. On March 11, 1984, the singer lit a 500-franc bill on live television to denounce the "financial thug" for taxing him at 74%. The watchmaker plays a provocative card and presents the replica Breitling Navitimer Ref. 81600. It was certainly one of the most impressive examples at the time, with its wide bore, pilot calculation functions and Tricompax tachometers.

From the conversation, the idea arose to combine it with an openwork bracelet so as not to sweat like a race car driver. Metal would be perfect. It has to fit his very thin wrist. On televisions and in trendy clubs, the Navitimer has become one of the Gainsbarre attributes, like the sleeves of rolled-up blazers or dancers' shoes. However, no one knows if Navitimer introduced one of his favorite replica watchesto actor Philippe Noiret - Serge Gainsbourg.

New Grammar Of Breitling Style

These two collections define a new grammar for fake Breitling's style. All collections are now clearly and transparently segmented.

The entry-level models, mainly with 3 hands, are equipped with standard Swiss calibers and range in diameter from 39 to 42 mm.

The entry-level chronographs are equipped with standard Swiss calibers such as the Valjoux 7750, which the ultimate guide to fake Breitling has renamed B13. They have a monochrome dial and counters at 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. Diameter ranges from 42 to 46 mm.

The high-quality chronographs are powered by the in-house caliber B01, the counters are at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, and in some configurations at 3 and 9 o'clock, but they always have a different color from the rest of the dial. Diameter ranges from 42 to 46 mm.

Thanks to the collaboration with replica TUDOR, several models with the three-hand caliber B20 have been allocated. These are mainly fake SuperOcean and SuperOcean Heritage, as well as the very special Navitimer 8, Super 8.

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