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It's been 50 years since man arrived on the moon. In my opinion, this is the greatest human achievement, given the tremendous difficulties involved. Of course the country, the United States, did, and they made it the flag. But it is no less true that this was seen as an achievement of all humanity, a challenge that united us as a species and overcame it. Perhaps this was the only time this happened. And at that time there was only one replica watch: those that would have been given a unique name straight away: "Monduhr". Replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

1967 - Ref. ST145.012

The 145.012 model, manufactured between 1967 and 1969, is the last of its kind. This is the latest Omega Speedmaster replica and uses a column-wheel-drive chronograph movement of caliber 321. It differs from 105.012 in that it has larger chronograph buttons.

It's also the latest version of the Speedmaster with illuminated markers that show the entire minute scale. This is probably the most attractively priced 321 for any new collector. Approximately 27,000 to 28,000 units were produced.

1967 Model ST145.012 - Racing Black Dial

The so-called "Racing Dial", one of the most enigmatic Speedmasters fake watches, is named after its colorful marking ring and dates from 1967-69.

The way this happened is related to time: in the late 1960s, exotic dials appeared in the replica watch line, "an improvement on the existing standard," as Petros put it. However, it never received its own model designation and left the factory with a racing dial. This, however, is in line with another discovery by replica Omega watches buying guide: some Speedmaster orders from certain retailers received two different dials, and the buyer could choose between standard and extravagant.

While Daniel Somlo suggests that there might only be 20 of them, Petros is more optimistic, believing the numbers could drop to the lower hundreds, but that doesn't mean they all survived.

The rarity of this model was the reason for the fakes. Daniel mentions that some of them were offered to him. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure authenticity. While the consensus is on a purchase of around 100,000, Phillips sold one on May 12 for $ 40,000. a little more than double your limit.

Speedmaster 125

Founded in 1973 on the 125th anniversary of the founding of replica Omega in 1848. The anniversary was marked with a polished "125" on the black dial. This model includes a further development: Caliber 1401, the world's first automatic chronograph to be officially chronometer-certified. The Speedmaster 125 was produced in a limited edition of 2,000 pieces and quickly became a target for collectors.

Speedmaster X-33

With a name that stems from a secret NASA project involving a possible new version of the space shuttle, the X-33 is a major achievement for the brand. The new hybrid chronograph has been developed and tested on several prototypes over a long period of time, and has undergone a series of tests to ensure that it fulfills its new role: it is used by astronauts on spacecraft flights. , within the Russian Mir space station and the International Space Station, where it is used to this day. The X-33 was developed in collaboration with professional astronauts, astronauts and pilots and contained a number of digital functions that were developed for professional use in space missions. For the first time in the world, the launch of the X-33 was broadcast live in 1998 by the Russian broadcaster Mir, whose crews operated the replica watch while staying in contact with the flight control center in Houston. The Speedmaster Spacemaster Z-33, introduced in 2012, can be interpreted as a further development of this model with regard to the mechanical quartz hybrid character of this fake watch.

Coaxial Movements Are Included In The Speedmaster: Speedmaster'57

Introduced in 2013, the replica Omega Speedmaster'57 Co-Axial Chronograph pays homage to its predecessor by combining a flawless collection of in-house co-axial measuring devices. The Speedmaster'57 represents the true link between past and present, the perfect blend of 1957 design and 2014 technology. You can read the analytical article published at the time by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Without a doubt, the fake Omega collection is full of incredible aftermarket items, some of which have been returned by the brand. And what madness, because the producers weren't concerned about getting some of the exhibits for their museums. Now it is the job of Petros Protopapas to protect and expand this museum. If you liked these 5 best replica Omega watches, we will already be producing another brand of replica watches.

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